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Finding the right solution can be a challenge. You need a partner that you can trust to handle custom printing, drop shipping, inventory, and customer service–all while remaining affordable and transparent. Fresh Brand Gear is here to help! Scroll down to learn more about our Online Store solutions.
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Awesome selection of thousands of products, which you have access to when you have a store.


What’s really cool is you can sell swag and cool branded apparel to raise money for your worthy cause.


All it takes is a few clicks of a button and you can have a truely unique store.

Which Online Store is the best option for you?

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I know which store is better for me?
A Year Round Online Store involves printed inventory and a longer set-up, but it has more product options. A Pop Up store doesn’t require inventory and has a quicker set-up but is limited to a short timeframe. Both offer great quality and excellent customer service. If you need help talking through the pros and cons, reach out to our team at!
How long does it take to setup a store?
It typically takes 4 weeks to set up a Year round Online Store and 1  week to set up a Pop Up store. The majority of that time is determining what products to offer.
Is there really no fees for online stores
Correct.  No fees.
Do you offer printed samples?
Yes we can, however it would be at the cost of printing, and setting up one item.
Can we offer more than just apparel?
Yes you can.  With our promotional products there is a minimum quantity order amount that would need to be purchased.  We do not offer one off hard goods printing.
Does Fresh Brand Gear provide customer service for the online stores?
Yes, we do provide customer service for both types of online store customers. This includes ordering assistance, returns, and exchanges. If you need help with an online store order, please reach out to

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