A Guide to sewing the Perfect stitch

Custom Embroidery overview

Custom embroidered shirts for your business, team, brand, and more! Custom embroidery can give a professional look to any garment and elevate your brand. Whether you need custom embroidered shirts, embroidered polos, crewnecks, or hats, we are here to help!

Individual customization and personalization is easy to set up for your group. We offer a wide selection of embroidery threads that will help create an accurate embroidered logo or design exactly the way you want it. Embroidered logos are created through a process called digitizing. Digitizing allows us to create a file of your logo that will map out every stitch in the design. Embroidery looks best with logos, numbers, and names. Reach out to us to see if embroidery is the best option for you today!

the process

Digitizing your logo

The Sewout

Embroidering the Garments




Step 1

Digitize The logo takes your image and puts it into a specific file format so the machine knows what to do.  It is a complex process of telling the machine what to stich, what color to stich and in what order.  The better the digitizing the better the final product.

Step 2

On any new projects we will sew out the logo to determine if the logo requires any corrections.  We can determine if it is ready to go into production.

Step 3

Once we are satisfies the thread color is correct and the logo has no issues we put your garments into production.  Depending on the stitch count will determine how long each logo takes to complete.

Step 4

The last step is to clean up all the loose ends and trim the logo to make it look awesome.

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